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Established in the 15th century, a fishing settlement whose inhabitants dealt with, among others mining and processing of amber and fishing.

Even today, especially after the storm, you can find beautiful specimens of yantar (Slavic name of amber) in this area. The first mention of Jarosławiec come from 1540, when the village is mentioned as the property of the West Pomeranian dukes. From the 19th century, Jarosławiec began to develop as a tourist destination. At the beginning of the 20th century, German artists, especially painters, took a liking to it.

Before World War II, the width of the beach in Jarosław reached 1 km. Unfortunately, the sea quite quickly reminded her. Only comprehensive works completed in 2009 secured the shore against watering. Since then, Jarosławiec boasts of having a wide sandy beach that is conducive to rest.

Currently, Jarosławiec is a charming seaside resort, located among forests, with well-developed accommodation and catering facilities. In forest areas, the surrounding areas are dominated by: Black Pine, Larch, Douglas Fir. As of today, about 400 people are permanently registered in Jarosławiec and most of them, as it used to be, are fishing and collecting amber. Of course, the population of the village significantly "grows" in the summer season, but it is much quieter and more intimate in relation to the resort town of Mielno, Sarbinowo and Ustronie Morskie.

The erosive effects of the sea caused the appearance of the largest cliff on the entire central coast, which stretches over a distance of about 2 km, and its height reaches 24 m. The cliff is overgrown with trees and dune vegetation, including a protected sea holly (Eryngium maritimum). On top of cliffs there are view points - something for amateurs of beautiful sea landscapes.

In the town are designated two sea bathing areas "Jarosławiec Wschód" (Jarosławiec East) and "Jarosławiec Zachód" (Jarosławiec West), which are guarded by WOPR (Water Volunteer Ambulance Service) lifeguards. The "Jarosławiec Wschód" bathing resort was awarded with the Blue Flag of 2012 for excellent water quality and pro-ecological activities.

It is also worth visiting the lighthouse, which is located in the very center of Jarosławiec. It was built in 1829 and from the observation balcony, at an altitude of about 30 m, you can admire the magnificent panorama of the village, the Baltic Sea and two coastal lakes: Kopań and Wicko and cliffs stretching for 2 km reaching up to 45 m in height. In the area you can still see a few buildings with half-timbered construction from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries (eg Swołowo).

Since 2008, Jarosławiec is famous for its aquapark , which was built at the Panorama Morska sanatorium. It consists of three heated water reservoirs: with an artificial river, multi-functional and with an artificial wave with a total area of ​​1500 m2. Holidaymakers can feel very safe here - the depth of the pools does not exceed 1.6 m here. An additional attraction of the aquapark is the artificial cave with waterfalls. In 2013, the swimming pool with an artificial river was roofed and can be used throughout the year.

In the village there is also the Amber Museum. The collection of the museum is about 1500 exhibits (about 150 are presented in variable exposures). You can see here: enormous lumps of amber, blue (very rare) Baltic amber and perfectly preserved inclusions (grasshoppers and pine cones sunk in amber).

For an afternoon walk you can go to the fishing harbor, which was officially founded in 1994. You can see here in all its glory the fishing boats and their equipment.

Of course, as in any seaside town, we can also count on culinary attractions here. In Jarosławiec there will be something for everyone, both lovers of fish dishes (lots of fryers and taverns), supporters of home cooking and those who prefer fast food (pizzerias and bars).

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