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The village - museum Swołowo promotes the name "Checked Land".

The name refers to the characteristic rural construction in this part of Pomerania: a wooden frame structure filled with clay, whitewashed with lime. Such a construction, called a half-timbered house, gives buildings a visual effect reminiscent of a truss. This type of construction remained after the pre-war (German, Pomeranian) inhabitants of this region.

Thanks to the efforts of the Association of the Village Tourism Brand Products "Słupia" and the communes in which "Checked Land" is located, in the following years bike routes were marked out at the most valuable construction sites of this type, and the whole land was marked with boards with a characteristic logotype.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the dominant element of the rural landscape in Pomerania was skeletal construction. It was based on a wooden structure, which was wrapped with straw stools and covered with clay. The clay surface was whitewashed with white lime and the wooden beams were secured with tar. This construction of buildings (residential and public buildings) proved to be so durable that a lot of buildings built in this technology were preserved.

In this way, buildings and rural buildings were built. On the other hand, noble houses (19th century, eg palaces) were made of brick. Farm buildings and inventory, as part of savings, were built with half-timbered technology.

The sacred architecture in this area is a different class. It is represented by a dozen or so churches in the Gothic style. Towers have been preserved to this day, while the naves come from later periods - sometimes even from the 19th century.

Only a few objects have survived to the present times from the old skeletal industrial building. These are mills in: Zamełowo, Starków, Bydlin, Kobylnica and Czarny Młyn near Bukowo, they are closed, largely devastated.

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